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Connections Academy DAEP - Spring Break

Spring Break is here!  Student grades are updated in the gradebook and are ready for submission for the third nine weeks.  Check the Parent Viewer  and look to see how your student has improved!   I am really proud of the efforts they've made.  
Remember, students do not return until Tuesday, March 20th.  
Grades are due on March 9th at 3:30.  I am updating the gradebook as we move along this week, so please check your student's grades.  
Please take a moment to visit my other pages.  There are some examples of student work!
Most of our students are doing great!  Their hard work is showing in their averages going up!  Keep up the good work!    
Please contact me via email at or call Connections Academy at 281-357-3281 ext 4151.  If you leave a voicemail or an email, I will  get back to you promptly.  

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Grades for 3rd nine weeks

The gradebook will be updated as of Friday, March 9th at 3:00 pm.  Use Parent Viewer on the Tomball ISD home website to view your student's grades.  The login and password have been on the progress reports and other report cards sent home.  

Spring Break

Spring Break is Monday, March 12th through Friday, March 16th.  Students also have Monday,  March 19th off.  
Students return to school on Tuesday, March 20th.
Have a safe, healthy and fun Spring Break!! 

Love Quotes - staff at Connections Academy left "love" quotes on the white board in my room.  Students were allowed to select a quote and write a quick-write response.  We had excellent results - the quotes ranged from Metallica, to Scriptures, to Dr. Seuss and the Eagles.  Ask your student what he/she wrote about!